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Manage your vehicles, Manage employees, Track data and develop trust amongst passengers.

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Introducing the only REAL Transit card in Barbados. One you can certainly trust.

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You can get started in three simple steps

Online. Sign up for a Bypass Card online at

In Person. Buy a Bypass card from one of our participating retailers

If you purchased your card from a participating retailer, call or email us with your card number and personal information. We will then activate your card within 24hours.

If you registered online, we will issue your card, activate it and deliver it to you within 7 business days.

After funds have been added to your card, you are ready to travel! Tap your card at the beginning of your ride to pay for your transit quickly and easily.

Why Bypass?

No paper tickets or passes to keep track of

Balance protection if your card is lost or stolen

Get a card and reload at any of our participating retailers

Save money by purchasing ahead of trips!

** Mainly for transport operators. The Barbados Transport Board, & Owners of Public Services Vehicles. **

Users can virtually manage aspects of their transportation fleet including fare management, vehicle location and more. Custom built for Barbados.

Currently being utilised by many owners of PSV Vehicles in Barbados.
** Mainly for passengers and the travelling public. **

Users can pay for trips, view their card balance online or on their phone, manage all of their trips in one central place and view bus location and arrival information.

Currently has many pre-registered users from one single route.
** Mainly for Drivers of Mass Transit. **

We envision a system where all drivers have access to a platform where they can keep track of where they have driven, what route, time and schedule etc. Available for Transport Board Drivers, and PSV Drivers alike.

Currently being utilised by many Delivery Drivers in Barbados.
** Mainly for food delivery in Barbados. Utilizing extensive logistics technology. **

Users can order food online, pay online and have their food delivered quickly and easily with little envolvement.

Currently being utilised by many persons around Barbados to have food delivered anywhere on the island.