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Plug and Play Tracker


This plug and play device is one of the most diverse currently. Provides an extreme amount of data for vehicle monitoring and driver analysis and one supreme benefit is that it is very easy to install. This usually fits just into the OBD Port of your vehicle and can be done quickly and easily. Perfect for privately driven vehicles.

Smart Vehicle Security Camera System


Safe guard your vehicle while its on the road by closely monitoring its movements and activity in and outside of the vehicle. A perfect all-in one solution for Gps Tracking and vehicle surveillance.Video is captured in clear 1080p HD video, and in two directions, looking forward outside the vehicle and looking back inside the vehicle.

Translink JTP GPS Tracker


This unit is multifunctional and operates on a super fast 3G network. Equipped with sensors, alarms and emergency calls, this is great for monitoring your vehicle closely, while checking in on its performance as well. Genuinely a good tracking solution for all round needs.