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Bypass is system that makes travelling on transit in Barbados faster and easier by eliminating the need for tickets, tokens and cash.

Bypass works currently across the minibus transport service on the Speightstown route, making paying for your trip simple, convenient and secure.

Bypass allows users to pay for their travel using an electronic fare card that replaces the need to use cash, tickets, or tokens on public transportation.

Creating a Bypass account helps protect your card balance. If your card is ever lost or stolen, the money can be transferred to a replacement card. You can’t do that with any other form of transit payment.

You can have money automatically loaded to your card when your balance falls below minimum amount that you set.

By using Bypass you’re also eligible for discount fare trips on participating transport services.

Yes, your Bypass card can be used on any of the participating transit agencies in Barbados. Current, this is the minibus section of the PSVs in Barbados.

Not at present, the official BYPASS App by Translink Barbados Ltd is currently being refined to help servie the travelling public in Barbados best.

The date on the back of the card is the date the card was manufactured. Currently, our BYPASS card will have an expiry date, which is only available on your account. When your card has expired, you do not need to renew your actual card, but instead contact us for renewal. You may then continue to use your card and your balance will remain on the card.

In addition, Bypass, Translink Barbados Ltd. and our transport partners are not liable for any damaged, defective or expired cards.

We know how important your personal information is to you. Bypass is committed to keeping your information confidential.

We never sell our customers’ personal information and we ensure that staff that handle personal customer information receives the necessary training so that you can be confident your information is protected and used appropriately. This applies to all BYPASS and Translink employees and agents.

Punching a hole in your BYPASS card will damage the antenna and chip, rendering it useless. In addition, BYPASS and our Transport partners are not liable for any damaged cards.

If the card is damaged you will be responsible for buying a replacement card for the cost of $20.

You can get a replacement BYPASS card and transfer your balance from the old card to your new card.

First, you need to purchase a new card from our customer service rep.

Once you get a new card, we will transfer the balance from your old card to your new card.