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Translink (Barbados) Ltd. is an organization created directly to develop, manage, and advance mass transit in Barbados. We have thoroughly analysed the industry and are devoted to getting you where you need to go better, faster, and easier, while we plan, build and connect transportation in Barbados.

When we started it was 2015, and at that time issues in the transport industry were mounting tremendously. We spent months doing research, speaking with owners, drivers, conductors and passengers. We assessed their issues and categorized them each by type. This was a horrendously long list, which showed that the private sector was segregated, and the public sector was in ruins. It was at that point we set out to improve transportation on this island one step at a time.

Over the last four years, Translink has delivered on our mandate and to date, we have introduced our electronic payment system Bypass, which will enable owners to regain control of their fleet and also allow passengers to travel with many benefits.

Our vision is simple. We see a Barbados where transit can be a lot more attractive, safe and enjoyable. Working towards this vision, we have and will develop a range of products and services to better serve the need of everyone involved.

Translink membership is currently limited to owners of any Public Service Vehicles on the Island. This includes anyone who owns a Minibus or ZR van. Members of the general public are not allowed to become a member of Translink.

We partner with a range of Barbados Agencies and retailers to deliver high-quality public transport services, ticketing, information and infrastructure.

We provide support and give you a way to have your opinions heard and acted on. We understand that our customers expect accuracy, timeliness and reliability, and delivering on those expectations is essential to our success. Our plans and actions will be driven by customer needs.

We’re constantly improving our network and services to make it easier for you to use public transport. This includes upgrades, expanding the network and changing the way we do business.

We conduct market research to learn about our customers and their travel patterns. From time to time we may:

  • Contact persons through email or by phone
  • Speak to people at stops or stations, or travelling on board public transport services
  • Contact registered Bypass card customers who have agreed to be considered for market research or opinion polls.

We value teamwork and partnerships. We recognise that our success depends on effective communication and consultation with our employees and the public.

We will act honestly and with integrity at all times. We will treat others with dignity and respect and will conduct ourselves in a manner that will instil and foster trust.

We will strive for excellence in all that we do and will be a leader in enhancing sustainability through transportation services we provide. We will encourage innovation and the implementation of best practices throughout our organization.

We will be results oriented and fiscally responsible at all times. We will set measurable targets and hold ourselves accountable to achieve them.

Translink (Barbados) Ltd. is committed to creating a transportation system for a sustainable Barbados and will continue to move in that direction.